Valentine Ball


Survey Feedback

Fantastic feedback from the Valentine Ball! Here are some of the comments below;

This was my first Click event and I was nervous on arrival, but I was made to feel very welcome and I've had a wonderful time. - Kimberley Age 25 Survey score 19/20

Enjoyable evening! Fabulous company - Debbie Age 48 Survey score 19/20

Very nicely dressed room - Tracy Age 34 Survey score 19/20

A daunting evening yet I was made to feel comfortable - Phil Age 47 Survey score 20/20

Enjoyed the entertainment ! Well done Linda and Crew - Angela Age 53 Survey score 19/20

Food was hot and tasty, Presentation Excellent, /event well structured and staff welcoming - Nick Survey Age 60 score 20/20

Thank you to Click for making these events special - Stephen Age 29 Survey score 19/20

A small selection of our survey from the Valentine Ball 13th February 2016

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