Finding Everlasting Love

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Congratulations to Richard our Maidstone man who found love at a Click quiz night in Tunbridge Wells and is marrying his beautiful lady next month

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Some of them take th

Some of them take that personally.. like a pre-judgement on their own chtracaer.I think anyone would.Any sort of I don't agree with aspect of your life And that depends on the individual whether or not they're attacking you.Oftentimes it may just be defensiveness or indifference.My sister is a lesbian and she and her gf and I have talked about this ourselves. for THEM (not speaking for all homosexuals), they just want to be accepted as individuals and people. They're fine and even empathatize if people don't agree with their sexuality, but they just dont want to be pre-judged

Posted 229 weeks ago by Yukiko

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