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Click Singles Speed Dates offer speed dating.
How strict are the age ranges for Speed Dating and the other singles events? Below are some frequently asked questions. If you are unable to locate a question relevant to your inquiry, please forward your query to Click on the form located at the bottom of this page.

Online Dating/Message Room
Online Dating is free of charge with You may read, send and receive messages totally free of charge, once you have formally completed your profile online with a photograph. Incomplete profiles will not be revealed on the site.

Why should I register?
Benefits of Registration -
Engage in the free online dating, you may read, send and receive messages with no fee.
View Click hosted events
View external events offered by our preferred, selected partners
View and book holidays

Am l able to attend an event without access to the internet or an email address?
You do not require access to the internet to join. Call the office, relay your full name, address, date of birth and contact telephone number. Click staff admin will complete the task on your behalf.

Is my personal information passed on any other service provider or individual?
Information is never passed on to a third party without your prior express permission.

Why do I need to give you my personal details?
Click is a private club, nevertheless, membership is not essential to attend some events. However, we do offer our clients the security of knowing certain details of the attendees. This is a precaution to ensure integrity and sincerity of all our clients.

May I cancel?
You may de-register from our database at any time. If you experience any difficulty, please email your request to de-register -

I am struggling to pay via the PayPal method. What shall I do?
If you have been unable to pay via the payments page, unfortunately, it frequently occurs you are trying to complete the process too quickly. Please allow your system a moment to register the information.

Why do I have to book an event in advance?
Due to the nature of singles events, it is important to target equal numbers of both sexes at our events. Clients, who just turn up, fail to turn up when prior booked, unbalance the event. Subsequently, this may affect the quality of the event for all guests. Furthermore, Click pre-order food at many of the larger events. Generally, venues are accommodating even so; it could possibly have an impact on the service given to guests.

What are your office hours?
0900 until 1600hrs Monday to Friday. Click email facility, at any time from this website or directly to

Are there any specific requirements to sign up?
Single and over 18 years old.

How do I book a ticket to an event?
View all our events after you have registered on our site. Locate the event you wish to attend, click book now, the system will link you to a check out page. Here you may add items from the dating essentials page, or add further events to your basket before checking out and paying via PayPal.

Can I bring a friend?
You are very welcome to come speed dating with a friend. If your friend wishes to participate in the event, they must pre-register on the site. You may bring friends who do not wish to take part in the event, but it is not permittable for them to stay after the dating starts.

How should I dress for events?
Speed Dates in smart casual wear, Dinners or Parties in smart attire.

I am not able to make the event can I send a friend in my place?
Yes, provided your friend is the same sex and has registered on our website
If your friend is of the opposite sex, we may be able to help you. Please email us to check.

What are Social Nights?
Social nights are informal. Our hosts are experienced events coordinator's, they will ensure the events are fun, it’s a great way to know and mix with people. The event may attract anything up to 50 guests who sit and interact. Our hosts may move guests around to encourage conversation. With any event, your enjoyment depends on the guests whom attend.

How do Dinner Dances /Parties work?
Dinner Dances are generally tables of eight to ten guests at each table. The numbers vary from 12 to 200. Men are asked to move table places after each course and complete a dance card with the lady they have just met at the table. Generally, this will be three different seats during an event with the potential of 6 dances with different ladies. The first six dances are slow, gentlemen locate the ladies written on their cards for their dance partner. Many ladies and gentlemen come to these events as their initial introduction to a singles event, these are deemed highly sociable with a great way to meet friends and potential partners.

What happens at Singles Parties?
Singles Parties may be a disco full of single people, in addition, the event may include a range of ice-breakers. The Picture Panel, Mini Speed Dating sessions, large fun games, Lock & Key or another surprise icebreaker created by us.

What happens when I arrive at a Speed Dating event?
Upon arrival, you will be greeted by hosts wearing company name badges. Hosts will sign you in, provide you, a name badge and pen, thereafter invite you to have a drink at the bar. When everyone has arrived, the host will explain how speed dating occurs and answer any questions. Usually, women remain seated whilst the men rotate every three minutes, the host will announce the time for a move. After each seating, participants mark on their sheet any potential dates for the future.

How many dates will I get at a Speed Dating event?
At Speed Dating attendance may reach 50

I received few or no matches, why?
The number is very variable for everyone who attends. For a match, you both have to tick each other.

If I tick someone as a Date and they tick as a friend, is this a match?
Yes, this would constitute a match.

How many potential dates will I get at a Speed Dating event?
We never run more than twenty-five dates, speed dating may be perceived as tiring. Currently, we guarantee a minimum of six dates.

Is three minutes per date long enough?
Depends on the attraction at the time

I'm just outside the age range specified for an event. Can I still attend?
Yes. The age ranges specified are guidelines. However, if you are, or appear to be, outside the age range you are extremely unlikely to get matches.

Is it a good idea to prepare a list of questions to ask people?
It's a good idea to have a few questions up your sleeve in case you run out of things to say. Conversely, it's a very bad idea to have a scripted list of questions, it may blemish the spontaneity of a three-minute date.

I didn't get any matches last time. Do you have any tips to improve my chances?
Ensure you're well-groomed and stylishly dressed. Treat all your dates with respect and be yourself. To obtain advice and learn more around meeting a compatible partner, please book one of our relationship workshops with Linda.

Can I move to a different date?
Unfortunately, no. When you have booked an event no refunds or changes of dates are permitted.

Can non-members attend?
Yes, Non-Members are welcome to all events

What is Click Singles?
Click Singles, a personal introduction service with a broad difference. Most introduction agencies list only the people on their agency to match you. Click offers a database of clients who have joined our Bronze, Silver and Gold service. Furthermore, we may also search the profiles of our social event members, Business Networking Events, likewise whilst attending professional networks.

Click Singles Introductions

Why should I join an introduction agency?
Click Introductions ease the pressure of meeting someone special. Many have busy lives, meeting and dating potential partners may be an exhausting and depressing task. Locating a suitable partner in our own social circle is sometimes inappropriate. Click removes the hard work out of the dating process by introducing you to selective, genuine and compatible potential partners.

What can Click Introductions offer me that other introduction agencies can't?
Linda and her team offer a personal dating service, the interview process gives us an in-depth insight into the type of person you are and what you are looking for. Click has access to a considerably larger database of single clients than the traditional local dating agencies. We actively locate professional partners from Business Networking Events across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, and Essex.

What questions will I be asked at my personal interview?
Click staff will ask you a variety of questions about your educational background, employment, hobbies, and interests plus your lifestyle. Also, ask you about your values in life and future goals. Thus enabling an understanding of your true character providing support to locate a suitable partner.

Will anyone know that I have joined?
No. Our correspondence has no company logo’s or identification on the exterior and each member is registered with the Introduction Agency in complete confidence. The Agency is registered under the Data Protection Act of 1998 and complies fully with its regulations.

Does the Introduction Agency produce a personal profile on each client?
Yes. After the initial interview, Click creates your personal profile and inserts the agreed photograph. Your profile is forwarded for your approval before it is sent to potential introductions. No addresses or telephone numbers are revealed on this profile when you choose to meet someone and they accept thereafter, the contact details are exchanged.

Where do clients live?
Clients live within a 60-mile radius of Clicks’ office in Maidstone, Kent covering the counties of Kent, Essex, London, Sussex, and Surrey.

How many introductions can I expect to receive?
The number of introductions depends on the service you choose, Click prides itself on only forwarding the details of compatible introductions.

Are all clients genuine and do I need to be concerned about security?
All members are requested to provide their full address. Also, their driving licence or passport for identification before registering with the Agency. However, for your own protection, always arrange to meet in a public place using your own or public transport so that you are able to independently leave at any time. To date, the Agency has never had to remove any member from the register due to inappropriate behaviour.

Where and when should I meet a potential partner?
Click recommends that your first meeting should take place at lunchtime or early evening. Longer meetups maybe arranged for the subsequent date.

Does Click ask for client feedback after a new introduction has occurred?
Yes. It is important that Click records information about each new meeting that has occurred. Thereafter, we may gain a greater insight of your dating requirements for the future.