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Click Singles Holidays is able to offer hosted holidays for single clients to enjoy the company of like minded people. Call us during office hours on 07943098950 or outside of office hours on 07769943756 if you would like to go on holiday and we will arrange a holiday to suit your wishes.

We arrange days out, walking weekends, city breaks and relaxing holidays in the sun. We do not guarantee equal numbers of men and women on holidays but we can assure you that we find beautiful boutique hotels and quality apartments for our clients. Every break or holiday will have a dedicated host to arrange trips, find the restaurants to suit everyone and to ensure everything runs smoothly during your time with us.


Click works with Solos Holidays to offer more exclusive holidays and late date bookings. Click has been working with solos offering holidays to singles for over 7 years and all of our clients give glowing reports on the hotels and how they are looked after whilst away.

There are currently no Click events to tell you about!

Our partner events

Date Event Age Range Price
29/09/2017 South Devon Rambling - UK CLK All Ages £365.00 Book
30/09/2017 London Showboat - UK CLK All Ages £95.00 Book
06/10/2017 Peak District, UK - Walks & Treks CLK All Ages £295.00 Book
06/10/2017 The South Downs - UK CLK All Ages £289.00 Book
06/10/2017 Royal Philharmonic - Symphonic Queen CLK All Ages £99.00 Book
13/10/2017 Dartmoor Rambling - UK CLK All Ages £319.00 Book
20/10/2017 Solos Weekend Parties - Oxford CLK All Ages £319.00 Book
20/10/2017 Hadrian's Wall, UK - Walks & Treks CLK All Ages £299.00 Book


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